20 November 2013

Need a tissue?

Hi guys, I developed a little product microsite for Tempo. Including a little scroll parallax effect. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Oliver Heinrich for this nice design. Watch the result on: http://taschentuch.tempo.net/product-microsite/


28 October 2013

Saturn’s Technikwall


Hi together,

A colleague and I developed for our employer coma AG the Saturn’s Technikwall. It was a lot of work and we launched the beta last weekend. For the grid design I took the chance and used my cupboard.js. Daniel Kerner, a colleague of mine built a great and easy to use admin area. 

Take the moment and get a completely new shopping experience.

15 October 2013

some doodles.

09 September 2013

Cupboard.JS has a new demo page on: http://www.danny-stey.de/cupboard/

For more informations have a look at my github account. https://github.com/dannystey/cupboard

14 August 2013

From now on, the BECK’S bottle is in 3D for modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox. If you ever need a 3D Library for WebGL Projects, use three.js. It’s very easy to use.

P.S: There is a hidden easteregg to get a funky bottle. Who can find it?

12 August 2013

140 years BECK’S


Be Careful! Highvoltage Progamming!

Oh yes, you read it right. During a BECK’S project for my employer “coma AG”, I wrote  this webbased Application in highspeed. I’m so proud of building this Application from A to Z in short time. So I have to blog about it. 

Please enjoy it on: https://www.becks.de/aktionen/140-jahre

12 August 2013


Triangles are great, too! So I wrote a triangle script as well. Welcome to  Fabulous Las Triangles: http://danny-stey.de/lab/triangle.html

Have Fun.

12 August 2013


Particles are great! So I wrote a particle script just for Fun. Check it out on: http://danny-stey.de/lab/

Thanks to “datgui”!

12 August 2013

So my sadmachine didn’t passed the jurys choice. However I want to show it to you. http://danny-stey.de/sadmachine

18 June 2013

My Sadmachine

The magazin c’t is organizing a competition with the magical name: “Browser Zauber”. I have just submitted my work. I’m so excited to see the competitors works. Actually I can not talk about my work, but i hope my little Sadmachine has a chance. 

Let the battle begin!!!!


29 May 2013


So zur Ankündigung folgt nun auch der Link zum jQuery Plugin auf GitHub. Eine kurze Dokumnetation beschreibt, wie man das Plugin nun verwenden kann. Ich wünsch euch allen viel Spaß damit.


12 May 2013


Nur kurz als Ankündigung. Ich arbeite gerade an einem jQuery Plugin, dass  simpel gesagt einfach ein Raster abbildet. Dieses Raster kann über das Plugin einfach und bequem konfiguriert und eingebunden werden. Es ist bereits auch schon im Einsatz auf http://shop.loverli.de. Näheres und den Downloadlink gibts in Kürze.